Dear customers,

We will be closing for around 10 - 12 weeks for a variety of reasons and apologise in advance for any inconvenience. We understand that many of you have been experiencing technical issues with the website and we will be completely re-developing the site for a more user friendly experience.


We also understand that shelf life and refrigeration space, particularly in work environments are restrictive in relation to ordering meals directly to your workplace.


Using the latest packaging innovations we will be re-launching with products that have a natural shelf life of one month and do not require refrigeration. We will have the same team of chefs cooking, with many of the same meals, however using the latest packing technology we will be able to bring you a much more convenient product. Additionally you will also be able to 'mix and match' your side dish options.


During this period, we are still taking bulk orders of over 15 meals. So if you would like to carry on ordering from us, you are able to place orders via e-mail for quantities of 15 meals and above - which will also discounted from the online prices. 


We recommend that for customers who have colleagues who also order, to place group orders. Please note the meals are also freezable.


We do only currently have a certain amount of spaces as our resources will be limited over this period, please get in touch if you have any further queries, many thanks.


The Body Plus Team.